Camo and Camping Outdoor Equipment: Quality Brands and carefully selected Army Surplus



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A quality headover from the British Army, also ideal for Skiers, Hikers, Etc, Etc.

·        Khaki green camo.

·        100% Wool.

·        Can be used as a neckerchief, scarf, balaclava, mask or under helmet/bandana.

·        Grade 1 Condition.


Army Surplus Condition Guide:

The kit that we sell is in good condition however, may be a dirty, worn or have evidence of storage (dusty, funny smells, etc.).

Grade 1 – This kit has usually been issued, and thus may have evidence of its previous owner. Traces of toothpaste in wash bags, Army numbers on kit bags, slight repairs, fading, etc.

Grade 2 – This kit has usually been issued, and as well as factors detailed under Grade 1, also shows signs of significant wear and tear. Grade 2 equipment is serviceable - just not pretty. We do not actively buy Grade 2, but our supplier sometimes has a funny idea of what constitutes Grade 1. We try to list accurately.

New / Unissued – This kit has never been used but may have spent time in storage. Some New / Unissued kit may be a little dirty or show signs of wear.